Repairs & Rewinds

Do you have a pickup that has stopped working? Whether the cause is internal corrosion, damaged coil or lead, or simply age, I might well be able to help bring it back to life.

Repairs do not always require a full rewind, and will always discuss options with you once I have diagnosed the problem. If a rewind is necessary, I will endeavour to return the pickup to it's original specification and output unless requested otherwise.

I can also provide other services such as magnet, lead or cover swaps. Please get in touch to discuss options.

Prices start from $25 for replacing a faulty lead and $75 per coil for rewinds. Covered pickups carry a $10 surcharge.

Please use the contact form if you would like to discuss a repair, rewind, or upgrade.

Examples of past repairs can be found in the Blog section.