About My Pickups

All my pickups are hand scatter-wound one at a time, using high quality parts, and like all good pickups they respond well to picking dynamics and the use of the volume and tone controls, cleaning up beautifully when the volume is rolled off.

I generally prefer to not wax pot my pickups to achieve a more open and detailed sound, and also allow a touch of the acoustic sound of your guitar to "season" your tone.
While I construct my pickups to reduce the chance of unwanted microphonics, I understand that in high volume/high gain situations wax potting can be desirable, so I can pot them at the time of purchase if requested, or will happily pot them for you for free within 30 days of purchase if you decide you'd prefer that way after trying them out (AU$25 after the 30 days has expired).

While I do sometimes keep a small number of pickups on hand, I generally hand-wind each pickup one at a time to order. This does mean the lead time for orders is usually 2-4 weeks, depending on current workload and component stocks. Please get in touch for an accurate estimate.

All DCR values are taken as an average over a number of pickups, and there may well be small variances in any pickup you order due to the following:
The DCR reading is affected by temperature of the pickup at the time the reading is taken.
As each pickup is individually hand-wound, there will always be small variations in tension across the wind.

All prices on the website are listed without shipping costs. Shipping within Australia starts from AU$15, everywhere else AU$30, automatically calculated at check out.

All pickups are covered by a two year warranty against component and manufacturing defects. Accidental or deliberate damage, normal wear and tear, modification or repairs not carried out by myself will all incur a repair charge. Postage costs for the return of any pickup for repair must be covered by the customer.